Out Growing Friends

I’ve realized I’ve learned some tings (Nigerian Accent 🇳🇬)

1. An Expired Friendship Is Not Beef.(GROW UP) 🧘🏽‍♀️

2. It’s possible to Outgrow People & Move On. Without cursing them out or fist fighting. This is Barbaric behavior. How old are you? 🗑

I’m 5’10 athletic build with a professional athlete in my bloodline. Trust me boo, I’m not scared of you. I left that mentality in high school. (Most likely to need an attorney award= me😂 #growth )

3. It’s possible to genuinely wish people all the best, from far far away. 👋🏽 You are who you exchange your engery with and what you allow is what will continue. If you aren’t happy with your life, career, health and relationships. Evaluate, remove or limit time with all #energyvampires 🧛‍♀️ (this is a real term. Google & grow baby) #Block

4. People will give you every negative detail of their life with pictures, searching for advice, or simply just want to vent, but then when you come to them, for the same it’s #drama 💀 so save all the drama for your mamma #literally if it’s not a counselor, pastor or your mom. Don’t tell anyone. Anything negative. Ever. They couldn’t give 2 💩’s about you and what you’re going through anyway. Trust me.

5. The word FRIEND. Is a STRONG. Word. My FRIENDS are people I’ve know for 30, 20 or 10 years and more & these relationships are still intact. All of my Newer friends (2 years to 2 months) are over 40 and BOSS ladies in radio, tv and health and beauty business owners. I think only me & 1 other woman in this group is under 40 and I ❤️ her spirit 😍 These women are Too busy for drama, and know how to address a situation like a mature adult. (address is NOT confrontation. It’s simply bringing up a topic and politely asking the person in question (NOT MESSY) instead of telling everyone in the same circles what’s going on, yet refusing to ask the person it’s actually about (THIS IS MESSY. ) y’all are ass backwards. Also, addressing a situation doesn’t mean you’re “big and bad” and isn’t always confrontational. It means you care about someone enough to speak to them directly AKA not being fake. 😩😂

6. ❤️just cause you’re friendly doesn’t mean that new friend has the same heart as you. 98% of the time it’s 🧢 no one cares about anyone but themselves. So much so, when they meet people who actually do care for others, they are in utter disbelief and think it’s fake. No boo boo. Unlike you, I’m not a sociopath. 😂 Empathy comes naturally to me and baby having a heart, THAT is normal. If empathy or being an empath is foreign to you, THAT is weird. #getsomehelp

7. Now that you’re ready to take these steps, take a deep breath and move to Nigeria 🇳🇬 or any other country cause us Americans are selfish and hopeless 😂 JK ❤️

#GodGotMe #PorVida

#HappyMonday 💋



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