High Value Feminine Tips 🤩

I’m on a Feminine Journey 💅🏽

Making sure the beauty on the inside matches the beauty on the inside 💕

Keep Emotional Intelligence High ✔️

Listen to that inner voice. 🙏🏾

(How do you feel around that person? Focus on that & that persons actions instead of their words)

On Social media. No more arguments. They know what they did. No need to confront. Just block, unfriend, turn off notifications for posts after you’ve commented, or hide a persons posts from showing up in your feed and keep it moving. ⭐️

In real life, make your statement without being over emotional, and then give the situation silence and space. These two magic words work especially well with men. In a few hours or a couple days, you end up getting what you want. Never forget the power of silence, & space 🥂

Being soft and sweet is seductive. 💅🏽

Release Toxic patterns & Traits & Let go of resentment. ✨ ✨

Which tip are you working on? I’m still working on letting go of resentment, it creeps up from time to time.

Constantly have to remind myself to focus on the positive 💕

Shift the focus back to what IS working instead of what isn’t, and stay in a state of Gratitude 🙏🏾

#ByeBitterBetty #NoMoreMachoMasculina


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