Friends. How many of us have them? 🤔

One day you’ll wake up and realize your friends aren’t your friends anymore. People who once invited you to events, stop inviting you. The very same people you helped encourage their dream, or even recommended them or their business if someone was in need. You reach out ask what’s going on? they give you a vague reply and carry on. Cool.

You start to notice the rest of the group doesn’t even ask where you are...Or how come so-and-so isn’t in the group chat or text? They just carry on too. Guess what?

it’s ok! Use this time to focus on your relationship with God and your other blessings!

I bet there are many. Trust that whoever IS your friend will always be there.

Don’t worry about anything else. Just focus on your family, & focus on the people who ARE here for you. Because that’s what matters. What you focus on expands 🤗 and God makes no mistakes.

He may be using this time to get you to FOCUS. Focus on your goals, your family, and HIM. So, If this is happening to you....relax. Shift your focus and trust the process. 🧘🏽‍♀️👌🏾🕉

(Inspired by multiple conversations with the women I guide and advise. If you want in the private group, message me 💕)

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