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Updated: Apr 25

My father in heaven I am so grateful for all the opportunities you are giving me. I pray you continue to guide my steps and keep me humble every step of the way. 🙏🏾

The opportunities that I keep getting are getting bigger and bigger but in my mind I still haven’t done anything yet. I have merchandise/clothing in partnership with a printing company which makes ME the brand. When I promote what I am working on it’s for MY brand. (I mean even Beyoncé has a name brand... it’s Ivy Park… Not Beyoncé 😉 ) This printing company approached me and we realized how many people we are already were working with or have worked with that know each other and decided hey let’s get to work! He works with people Who have already been on successful shows on MTV ... Artist helping artist... promoting artist. 💯

God is amazing.

Also, another friend of mine who is a well-known artist here in Houston, her & I have a single coming out soon and we are focused on uplifting women in this single since all people do is talk about themselves or talk about negative topics. We decided we wanted to inspire & uplift. ❤️ when you hear this song you’re gonna be getting ready for work, or getting ready to start your business, or just have a girls night out and just feel so inspired, and appreciated, and acknowledged.  🙌🏾

Also, I recently booked national men’s magazine campaigns that I’m going to be flying out to shoot this summer. These are pretty major so I will keep the names to myself until it comes to fruition because I still can’t believe it 😝

There are other things in the works that I Will keep to myself until they come closer to fruition. In my eyes I haven’t done anything yet because my goals are so big, these things are still small in my humble opinion. I’m grateful for the opportunities but I’m never going to sit here and allow myself to blow my head up. I’m not gonna act like God is not the one who brought me to these things and just give myself all the shine. The Lord knows my heart he knows how many times I’ve purchase other peoples merchandise and posted it for numerous friends, he knows when people I know were down and out and didn’t have confidence in their craft, how I would speak life into it tell them they could do anything and even finance projects, websites, social media managers, you name it, and I asked for nothing back in return just their talent and time, and friendship. Lord bless the heart of those who hate me. They need you the most.

This year 2021 God is revealing a lot to me and I am forever grateful. Father in heaven I am truly blessed to be your daughter, the daughter of the one true king. Please continue to guide my steps and clear my path. Happy Thursday everyone let’s get it & stay humble! 💋

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